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How to Prepare your Home to Sell

Updated: May 17

Thinking of selling your home? I've been in quite a few homes and here are some of my top tips to getting the most value out of your home.

If you're not hiring a stager have a friend or family member who doesn't live in your home walk through and point out items that need to be removed.

Remove all items of value. This ensures the items will not be broken, misplaced or stolen.

Bathroom and kitchen countertops should be clear of items such as makeup, bottles, toothbrushes, small appliances. These items are best stored in a cabinet for the duration of the sale of the home.

Remove bath mats for pictures. These items make bathrooms look smaller and less open in pictures. They also detract the eye.

Family photos and memorabilia are a distraction to a buyer. If you have a lot of these items cut it down by at least 85%

Clean, Clean, Clean. Buyers want to come in to a clean home even if their's is not clean. Clean walls, baseboards, light switches, lighting and fans, vents. Windows inside and out. Believe me, we see it!

Lastly, make the beds, straighten the pillows, put down the toilet seat. Trust me, it makes a difference.

Think of your home like you think of going on an interview. "Put your home's best foot forward."

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