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How to Prepare for a Staging

Updated: Jan 5, 2021

You’ve hired a Home Designer, now what? It is important to prepare your home for the Designer you have hired. One of the first things that should be done is to clean the space like you have never cleaned the space before, think Spring cleaning to the next level. We can always advise a cleaning service we work with if preferred to doing the clean yourself. It is important for your Designer to be able to come into a clean canvas and make the space one that a prospective buyer can see themselves in and not one that you live in.

Decluttering should be done simultaneously with cleaning, anything that makes the space look smaller or personalized should be put away. While you may adore your collection of sports memorabilia you may find a buyer can have trouble looking past the decor. Once the items have been removed and the space is clean, it’s time to look for any damage to the area, this includes filling holes from pictures that may have been hanging on the walls and paint touch ups.

If your budget and time allows it maybe best to consider repainting your space to a neutral tone. Your favorite color is your favorite color and may not be a potential buyers cup of tea. Preparing your home beforehand allows the Designer to come into a space that they can really make shine and stand out against the competition.

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