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New year, New Mindset

Updated: Jan 5, 2021

Do you ever find yourself on New Years Eve with a mental list of all of the ways you will improve your upcoming year? I have learned through much trial and error that realistic goals are just as important as making the decision to change things. You are still doing a fantastic job as you are, life ain't easy, don’t add more weight on your shoulders!

One of the things I love to do in the new year is clean out my home. I start small in one room and make boxes to go to specific places. Decluttering is difficult to me as I have such great memories with certain pieces. But am I really going to wear that business suit from 3 pant sizes ago? Maybe not. One thing that helps me is to research my local shelters and charities.

Women's shelters will usually take women's and children’s items and give them to people in transition who have nothing. When you donate clothes it frees up income for them to go to school. Cool right? I’ve noticed I am more likely to part with items knowing that they are doing better for someone than they are for myself. So if you’re still holding back give it a try and google, you might find something that ignites a passion you didn’t know existed.

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