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Heather Eaves Interiors is a full-service, contemporary home staging firm based in Orange County, California. With each design, our team carefully considers implementing pieces that reflect the beauty of the past while acknowledging trends of the present.

Our goal at Heather Eaves Interiors is to seamlessly transition and empower the lives of our clients by flawlessly elevating the magnificence of your home. Together, with the knowledge and tools we provide, our designs will create a memorable impression, evoke emotions and produce tangible warmth within your space.


Our team of talented and experienced design professionals will work collaboratively with you to find the best possible pieces for your space. At Heather Eaves Interiors, we take pride in our eye for design and our ability to provide clients with immediate results. Whether its home staging or interior design, our team is ready to deliver high-quality service for any occasion.


Heather Eaves



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